App Give Back Program




Download our apps! The first of which is a great recipe app. Why? Other then getting a great set of recipes this app allows you to store your own recipes right on your phone. It creates a grocery list based on the meals you plan out and much more. Better then all of that, you can use this as a fundraising opportunity! Yes you simply download the app, gather your recipes and then contact us through the app.. We will work together with you to put them into this app platform for you and them submit to Apple for approval. For every one of your apps that is sold you will pocket $1.00!! 10,000 apps sold = $10,000. That can really add up! 

We also will be giving back in other ways. For every 500,000 apps sold we will be selecting a person from our registered customers who will receive a one time payment of $100,000 to simply take one day and discuss apps with us! It does not stop there either. Anyone who liked and shared our Facebook page and shared and liked our “Share and Like” post will be included in a separate list for a second $100,000 payment to discuss as well. These consulting position will be offered every time we sell 500,000 apps! So we look forward to offering large payouts to our lucky customers and promoters often. 

We will also be offering very similar opportunities in the very near future so keep checking back…or always look up the Grizzly Innovation, LLC name!

Membership Program



Membership Details


Become an Entrepreneur With An Investment Membership: Without having to do much at all you can become an entrepreneur member. Simply Join.
Low membership dues: We are looking to keep the membership fees at or below 15 dollars a month.  We all spend more then that for gym, movie/tv and most other memberships/bills we have. Almost nothing is less then 15 dollars a month as a bill. But the difference here is this membership has tangible rewards.  Financial benefits.  What is this benefit you ask? Income!! 
Goal: Our goal first and foremost is to create businesses with the membership dues each year.  In doing this all the profits will be distributed directly to you the members! It will be divided evenly based on the number of memberships you have. You read that right. You can have more then one membership and they will always be owned by you while you are in good standing. Rest assured they would also stay with your listed beneficiary should something happen to you. You could sell these memberships as they grow in value but we are pretty sure you will not want to. As the businesses take off the benefits(profits) grow!
Want to Participate: We will have offers that will be coming forward to members only. Offers like employment, board member positions, advice, idea brain storming sessions and etc.  Whereas you are under no obligation to participate we just want our members to have as much input as possible.  If you do not have the ability to participate for any reason, we understand. Like we said there is no obligation other than membership dues.