The owners of Grizzly Innovations Inc. wanted to do something out of the ordinary. Yes, we wanted to create a business but only if it benefitted many people. Sure we could have only looked to the owners, board members and employees as beneficiaries but that is not enough. Sure, as we grow it will benefit our owners and employees but we wanted it to benefit the customers also. Not a run of the mill “thank you for your money, now bye bye” corporation. We want a relationship where many if not all people benefit! So we founded and created the “Membership” and the “Give Back” programs. The Membership is a very cheap innovative way to become highly involved in the business world. Either simply through membership dues or being much more highly involved like becoming a board member, brain stormer, employee or taking advantage of other opportunities. Bottom line we will always look to members first to fill these roles as we grow. You always have the right to simply say no and continue to simply keep current on membership dues and that will suffice for you or you may jump right in. As for the “Give Back” programs. We want to continue to give back by giving portions of the profits to those who mean the most….our customers and those who promote our products.